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BBLB was created by a dedicated group of parent volunteers to provide and assist student athletes garner as much public, financial and community support as possible. The Booster Club is federally registered as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our efforts and financial gains are specifically designed to support these programs and all facets of their clubs.

The mission of the BBLB is both educational and charitable:

Educational Goals:

  • Foster the development of youth aged 18 years or younger through instruction and training related to safe techniques and ethical practices of hockey under the rules set forth by MSHS, District 15, Minnesota Hockey and USA Hockey

  • Encourage effective communication, cooperation, sportsmanship, and healthy competition

  • Develop the value and self esteem of each individual participant

  • Create an atmosphere were camaraderie, inclusiveness, accountability, learning, and respect are valued

Charitable Goals:

  • Promote a sense of community and combat juvenile delinquency by supporting and maintaining an organized hockey program for the youth of the Brainerd Lakes Area.

The Brainerd Blue Line Boosters would like to thank our current sponsors for their continued support of Brainerd Hockey. Through great partnerships with companies in our community, we are able to provide annual support to the HS hockey programs as well as BAHA. Family and corporate support help us offer many benefits the school and youth programs are unable to provide. Benefits such as:

  • Transportation to away games for our girls and boys high school teams

  • Off-ice workout training

  • Move and expansion of the weight room

  • Healthy meals for the high school travel teams

  • Major locker room renovations

  • New air exchange system in the girl's locker room 

  • Tournament fees and lodging

  • Additional coaches and support

  • Supplemental training equipment

  • Financial assistance for numerous skaters who could not afford registration fees

  • Divider boards essential to the mite/8U youth player development

BBLB Board of Directors

Sam Blum - President

Mike Patrick - Vice President

Rich Jones - Treasurer

Vicki Duceck - Secretary

Alyssa Sharpe

Ali Timmons

Jeff Anderson

Becky Fulton

Finance Committee - Rich Jones, Chair

Programs Committee - Alyssa Sharpe, Chair

Sponsorship Committee - Ali Timmons, Chair

Marketing/PR Committee - Jeff Anderson, Chair

Event Committee - Becky Fulton, Chair

Scholarship Committee - Mike Patrick

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