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Brainerd Blue Line Boosters

Through the generous contributions of Community and Corporate sponsorships, the Brainerd Blue Line Boosters (BBLB) promote, sponsor, supplement and financially support, for the purpose of the betterment of Brainerd High School and Youth Hockey Programs.   By raising money through a variety of different activities and investing all earned profits in activities that will further benefit Brainerd’s programs, the BBLB is committed to the elevation of Brainerd Hockey within the State of Hockey.

BBLB is carrying forward the work started by the Blue Line Club some years prior.  BBLB recognizes and appreciates their efforts and hopes that BBLB’s new efforts will warrant past members continued support.

BBLB Support

Here are just a few examples of support that BBLB has helped provide:

  • Upgraded transportation to away games
  • Off Ice Workout Programs
  • Moved and expanded weight room to new location
  • Healthy meals for away games
  • Major Locker room renovations
  • New Air Exchange System for girl’s locker room
  • Tournament fees and lodging
  • Additional coaches
  • Misc. equipment
  • Financial assistance for players that could not afford registration fees
  • Divider boards essential to youth player development
  • Media Room for video training and game review.
  • Many More Items
Brainerd Boys Hockey
Brainerd Girls Hockey
Brainerd Boys Hockey
Brainerd Girls Hockey